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About This Site

Information about RocketExcel.com

RocketExcelI am an Excel enthusiast excited about sharing my multi-year experience with Excel for business and personal goals.

There are several ideas behind the design of this site:

1) Predictable post structure

I understand that you are busy. You want to get the information quickly and with the appropriate level of detail. Some of you just want to get the basic understanding of the topic, while others are looking for much deeper expertise. That is why you can always find common structure in the articles on this website:

1. Introduction
  • A few sentences of quick introduction to the topic
  • General description of potential uses
  • First check whether this is what you’re looking for
2. Quick example
  • Illustration of a typical task
  • Screenshots of how the final result looks like in Excel
  • Step-by-step guidelines
3. If you want to know more… 
  • More detailed description of the concept
  • Answers to the commonly asked questions
4. Test yourself…
  • A short quiz to test your understanding of the concept and related topics

Each section is designed to be short and self-sufficient, with the level of detail gradually increasing towards the end of the article. As a result, you can always decide when to stop reading based on your goals:

  • Just need a basic understanding of the concept – read the few first sections
  • Want to understand the topic in detail – keep reading until the end of the post
  • Want to build expertise in this subject area – follow the links at the end of the post to read related articles

2) Learn by doing

I will always try to provide actionable examples or practice tests to solidify your learning from the post.

3) Listening to you

While I aspire to make my posts perfect from the start, I totally understand that there are always ways to improve on what you have. This is why I welcome any suggestions that might help me enhance specific posts or the site overall. To share your thoughts, suggestions, or feedback, please use the comment boxes at the bottom of each post or the contact form in the About section of this web site.

Thank you for reading!

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