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RocketExcel is a free online Excel tutorial that allows you the flexibility of learning Excel at your own pace. Cover the whole course or just review specific posts, explore each topic in depth or just look through the highlights. Take our Excel quizzes to solidify your learnings from each section.

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get started in ExcelThis module will introduce you to some Excel basics and help acquire some crucial skills you would need in later modules

  1. Introduction to Excel. You will get high-level knowledge of what is Microsoft Excel, what it is used for, and also look through a quick example of how Excel can help you in your everyday life.
  2. Excel workbook. This post will explain what is an Excel workbook and what its key elements are. You will also learn how to perform some basic operations with a workbook, like creating a new workbook, saving or opening it.
  3. Excel worksheet. You will learn what is an Excel worksheet and how to perform some basic tasks with worksheets: selecting worksheets, creating a new worksheet, renaming, copying, and moving a worksheet.
  4. Excel cells. This part explains what is a cell in Excel and different ways to select cells, including selecting multiple cells – or ranges. This knowledge will be crucial when we start learning about Excel formulas and functions in the next module. A separate post will explain how to merge cells in Excel
  5. How to add cells. This is a transition to the next module, where you would learn how to write formulas in Excel. You will learn at least four different ways to add values in Excel, including two involving your first Excel formulas
write formula in excelThis module would introduce you to the world of Excel formulas – one of the major functionalities that Excel is known for

  1. Introduction to Excel formulas. Definition of Excel formulas and Excel functions. The short list of most frequently used Excel functions: SUM, COUNT, SUMIFS, IF, MIN, MAX, VLOOKUP, and basic arithmetic operators. Some of these functions are also explained in more detail later.
  2. Logical functions. This post will explain the overall functionality of logical functions in Excel, as well as describe some most popular logical functions: IF, AND, OR, NOT.
  3. String functions. You will learn how to manipulate text strings in Excel with some most basic string functions: CONCATENATE, LEFT, RIGHT, LEN. A separate post explains how to use TEXT function to convert any values to text
  4. Other helpful functions. Some other useful functions will be explained here. For example, ISNA function will be very helpful when working with VLOOKUP and similar functions.
analyze data in excelThis module would introduce you to different tools for analyzing data in Excel:

  1. Conditional formatting. You will learn what is conditional formatting and how to use it for different analytical goals you might have. Also, separate posts will introduce you to:
  2. Pivot tables. This part will explain what is a pivot table and what pivot tables are used for. A quick example will explain how to create your first pivot table in Excel

Excel worksheet

Quick introduction to the concept of Excel worksheet: definition; key elements; selecting and renaming; copying and creating a worksheet

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Excel workbook

Brief introduction to the concept of an Excel workbook: workbook definition, creating a new workbook, saving and opening Excel workbooks

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